Making a Difference, part two

This morning I stopped by one of the old peoples homes here in my town to take pictures of the volunteers at work helping with breakfast on Make A Difference Day. One of the volunteers showed up a little late, so I decided to pitch in and help.

It was very confronting and humbling at the same time. My annoyance at the lack of response to the project kind of disappeared into thin air when I was greeted with big smile by a charming old lady, perfectly clad in her blouse and sweater, earrings in place, hair neatly tucked in a bun. She exclaimed over the pretty flowers on my shirt and counted them saying "he loves you, he loves you not". After which she proudly told me he loved me! And then told me to be careful, she was going to get in competition with me for his attention.

A couple of minutes later I spooned porridge into another ladies mouth. She didn't speak, just played with her bib and opened up her mouth every time the spoon came near. Later on she had her hair put in curlers by another one of the volunteers.

Meanwhile the volunteers upstairs in the same building were making friends left and right. Especially one of the men. He either knew folks, knew of them, or had played soccer with one of their kids. I met him a little later, walking back to work, and he said he'd be doing it again next year.

This afternoon three volunteers took some ladies out for a walk in their wheelchairs. One of the ladies hadn't been outside in two months....

That is what it's about after all. Taking an hour to spend a little extra time on someone.

Next year, this is what I will attempt to emphasize. That one hour of my time, of your time, can make a difference.

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Dori said...

I'm so glad it turned out well after all! Every month when I volunteer with food distribution and the thanks we receive I always think "Why are you thanking me? What have I done except give up a couple hours of my Saturday?" But it really is that simple, isn't it?

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