Instant Gratification

I have mentioned before that I am not the most patient type of person. In fact I love a bit of instant gratification. You know the quick surprise, the unexpected jolt of happiness, the spur of the moment impulse....

Sometimes I can get a such a kick out of seeing something pretty and then just getting it and smiling every time I look at it the rest of the day. Or grinning at a red tulip every time I walk by it. On the other hand, long extended waiting for something that I'm looking forward to can wear me down so much that all the fun gets sucked right out of it and it takes me a while to re-appreciate what's coming.

Take our car for instance. Or rather, take the car that we're still looking for, which is not parked in front of our house, the one we do not own yet. The long search (and I'm not even the one doing all the searching!) has just about drained all the joy of expectation from it. I really do want a car and know it will give me a huge freedom of movement, but all this waiting...... ARGHHHH!

I guess I'm weird that way. If I have a fun idea I like to follow up on it quickly and get things done and let a flow of good feeling carry me through the proces and feel delighted when its done. If I have to sit down and think about it, and look things up, and compare prices, and especially discuss it...... Well, let's just say that doesn't work for me.

Childlike instant gratification..... that's my kind of thing!

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A Touch of Dutch said...

Car hunting. My husband & I went through this in late 2007. Ack! I hope the process will speed up & be also a pleasure for both you & your husband ;-)

Dori said...

I'm with you--figure out what you want, quit messing around and just go get it!

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