Dutch christian tradition leans strongly on reading the Bible after you finish your meal. Actually in really strong traditional families one prays before the meal, prays after the meal and then listens to something being read from the Bible.

We've tried our hardest to do something Bible oriented after dinner. First it was simple Bible stories. Then we turned to more complicated ones. But the kids soon grew tired of the same old, same old stories that they already knew so well. And it's true, a lot of childrens bibles have the same stories in them and don't do much or any explaining. Then we tried a devotional book, but couldn't find one to match both our kids. They have four and half years between them, and sometimes that can be quite a lot! The last couple of months we tried Mocha with Max (called Cappuccino here). But even that failed to entrance the kids.

A couple of weeks ago I happened upon the subject of Adrian Plass, and told the kids how funny he was. And then - LIGHTBULB MOMENT!!- we decided to start reading from one of his books instead. It's not a devotional, it's not Bible stories, but in his humorous way he does write about God and his search for Him.

And, yeah!! it works! The kids listen, and we laugh. So much better than all the complaining we had to listen to :-)

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Mary Alice said...

We used to do that with our kids as well. It was a nice time to do it...easy as they were already gathered together for the evening meal. We have gotten away from it the last few years, you've inspired me to take it back up....and that book sounds wonderful.

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