I've been feeling strangely restless lately. What with the two jobs and all, you'd think I'd be feeling exhausted! But instead there's nervous energy twitching in my body. I wander around the house thinking of what to do in the evenings. Too tired to socialize, not inspired enough to write, not interested in the books I'm reading, to restless to play scrabble.... Weird!

And in a funny way pleasureable. Because it makes such a difference to a month or two ago when I was feeling utterly lethargic and without inspiration. I've been thinking it would be fun to do some kind of correspondence course, or join a choir, or do SOMETHING!

Rest"less\, a. [AS. restle['a]s.]

2. Not satisfied to be at rest or in peace; averse to repose or quiet; eager for change; discontented; as, restless schemers; restless ambition; restless subjects. "Restless at home, and ever prone to range." --Dryden.

Any suggestions?


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Anonymous said...

sign up for a course of course!!!

Zan said...

I hear you! What about working out? works for me :) Or yeah, do join the choir, that sounds like fun. Was thinking of doing that myself but then again, I can not sing! So I decided to spare them the pain. Learn a new language? Or take one of those painting classes where you get to paint the naked man in front of you lol. That should keep your mind occupied a bit... :)

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