Self -discipline

I just came back from another womans church group. I think I may grow to like them! There were fifteen of us this time. Lots of new faces and plenty of conversation.

The conversation started off with some questions about the trials and tribulations of housework in relation to self-discipline. One woman had us in stitches as she described her vain attempt to organize her day by making daily schedules with her chores written down per hour. She decided to throw the schedules out of the window the first time she went to town and realized she was staying beyond her scheduled time....

Anyway, it made me think. I'm no lover of housework, as you may know.
But I have figured out what triggers me. If I get up in the morning and put in a load of laundry straight away it gets my housework off to a good start. If I laze around, eat breakfast and drink coffee first it's an almost certain guarantee that I won't get anything done that day. Sometimes the mere act of getting out my bucket and putting in some soapy water is enough to get me going, even if I really really really don't want to do any cleaning. One simple action is enough to trigger a chain of housecleaning events. Sometimes just standing up is enough. That's all that I ask of myself at that moment, just to get up!! And then to move on from there.

It makes me happy to know what triggers me in this small area of my life. I hate not having a grip on myself! Once I can understand something I find it so much easier to handle it. Tonight made me realize that although I may often feel incompetent and guiltridden, I do in fact know some things about myself. I'm still learning but I appreciate what I have already learned (even though I might not always put it into practice ;-))

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A Touch of Dutch said...

Kudos to you :-)

Anonymous said...

Funny enough, I am the same way. If I lazy around and I think.. "I'll start around 11am"... I wont get anything done at all!! Interesting. Funny how you mention the chain event reaction. It always seem to work. Like getting the vacuum cleaner out, you know you can't just leave it there! I also tried the shcedule thing, but for me it backfired, totally! Like a little teenager, looking at the list of things to be done thinking, nope, you can't make me!

Mrs Yoastie said...

I never used to mind housework when it was just My hubby and me. Now I am officially a "housewife" I find it quite soul destroying. It always comes back.

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