It's 10.00 p.m. Usually I'll be getting ready for bed around this time. Or already tucked into bed reading. But tonight I'm waiting up for my girlie, who has been invited to a party and will be home late. I could of course go to bed anyway, but I won't sleep til she's in, so I might as well stay up!

Tomorrow I have to head to work early while the kids get to sleep in due to their having spring vacation. Not that there is spring in site, the weather is gloomy and grey. Although there are little points of green coming up here and there in the garden, it's still very much winter.

I just came home from a meeting from my new job. Dropped off Marinda at the train station first and two minutes later I was at my desk. I still can't get over the thrill of working so close to home! It was fun too, more work added on to my steadily growing work load, but it's all stuff that is definately interesting! It still feels like I've found my niche here. Hopefully that feeling will hang on for a while :-). Tomorrow I'll have my picture in the local newspaper, along with a short interview.

Marinda is slowly getting better. She's been sick off and on for weeks with vague complaints like stomachache, tiredness, headaches, more tiredness. She had glandular fever more than a year ago, but the tiredness just seemed to be hanging on. On the persistant advice of my sister Lise (thanks Lise!) we finally decided to try homeopathy with her. And I must say, it works! She's really become a lot more energetic lately. Though she cancelled all her dance classes, she's now belly dancing at home with the aid of lessons through You Tube. Besides that she's chatting with friends through the internet and has even made some plans to get together with people again. It's a big improvement which hopefully will continue!

Tristan has a soccer and pingpong tournaments coming up this vacation. Also he seems to be getting more active, though sometimes this action takes unwanted forms. Like his being sent out of the swimming pool due to aggravating behavior. I feel I should be very upset by this, but actually I'm not. He's hitting puberty and sometimes it shows! And I also know that there were no mean intentions behind his behavior, he's just acting out a bit. He's kept on such a short leash at school, that I can't help but understand why he acts up in other places. And he hasn't been able to release his energy in sports due to his injury, so I'm kind of lenient with him when he acts up elsewhere. Does it sound like I'm justifying my leniency? Well, I am! This behavior confirms our suspicion that we need to send him to a creative school where he will be given room to grow , instead of a school in which rules and regulations form a strict protocol.

Herman and I are struggling to keep relating to each other. Our date nights have disappeared into thin air, and the effects are noticeable. That, combined with his long illness and my depressive phase, do not make for a very happy productive relationship. As always, we're working on it! We're getting really good at that! ;-)

So how's that for a long random ramble?

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