Date night

A number of years ago we decided to implement date night into our lives. Herman and I plan one night a week (if possible) and then go out for coffee somewhere. Usually we bring along our calenders to match up all the different appointments we make! Because we both work we have had to coordinate who will be doing what, especially during the kids vacations. Whole discussions are based on "if you take care of the kids this day, then I will take that day, and then we will ask the grandparents if they can stay over on the other days". Good planning is a neccesity!
We used to get a babysitter to watch the kids, but now we leave them home alone. Mostly we just go for a basic cup of coffee and are back after an hour or so.
Some of our dates have been spent doing homework. For the Marriage Course for example. Trying to get to know and understand eachother better by writing things down and doing little tests. Some of our dates have been spent in argument and disagreement. Some of our dates have been spent looking at one another wondering if we're wasting our time, and some have been spent in close harmony, feeling like a unity. All in all though, it's worth the time and money spent!

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