Lord of the Rings

One of my favorite memories is of watching the Lord of the Rings movies with my brother. He and I are unique in our love of science fiction and fantasy. Only with him can I watch Star Trek, Lost or anything else that is remotely weird or otherworldy.
But this one time was the best. I read in the newspaper that there would be a marathon session of all three movies on an evening in december. Movies one and two before midnight and then the first showing of movie three right after midnight. Wow! Too unique to pass over! I think I must have gotten the last two tickets available, and I gave them to Renzo for his birthday. I worked that day, and borrowed a bike from my friend to get us back home (no trains that late at night). Renzo fixed us up with a lot of munchies and we settled down for a long evening of fantasy, thrills and excitement. It was great!
But almost the most fun was going back home. It was 2.30 at night by then, and we had one bike and about 12 kilometers to go. We took turns sitting on the back, getting bruises on our butt. To top it all off, we couldn't work out how to shift the bicycle gears so it was really hard going! It was great fun though, I wouldn't trade that night for any other regular movie night. Brings a smile to my face every time I think of it!

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