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Posting this blog, joining Facebook, joining Hyves.... All stuff that's been keeping me pretty busy these last couple of weeks. In a very fun exciting way! Hyves is the dutch version of facebook and I've been having fun looking up old classmates, colleagues, and old friends from my dutch days.
This blog is mostly meant for non-dutch people, I like the idea of writing about my dutch life without actually having the people I write about see what I've written. Gives more of a sense of privacy. But I've already found that sometimes my life can't be split that easily into dutch and english. My family for example, are part of both, and so are some friends here in Holland who have the same kind of background as I do! Makes me more aware of what I'm writing and it's kind of scary. Because people who don't live in Holland can't come to me and approach me about what I've written, and get real personal. But those who do live here can.....
Keeping in touch with others feels kind of like a life-line to me. I'm not a super social person, I don't do a lot of visiting, and I don't want people around me all the time, but I absolutely LOVE getting e-mails and writing to people in my own time. I love looking at my blog, seeing that the numbers have gone up, wondering what people think about it, reading reactions. And I love the little jolt I get when I see that I HAVE MAIL! Always gives me a little boost of energy. It's the same at work. The little pling on the computer always makes me wonder what's come in now, and keeps me energized. I read in a newspaper once that some people are addicted to e-mail. I think I'm rapidly turning into one (or maybe I am addicted and don't want to know it!).
Part of why I like e-mail, and reactions on my blog, or facebook, or hyves, is that it gives me the feeling that I'm being seen. Somebody has me on their mind at that moment and it helps give me the feeling that I matter in some way, it defines me to a certain degree. Messages from outside are a form of confirmation that I sometimes need quite badly. I guess that sounds pretty insecure. But maybe it's just part of who I am. I like being part of a bigger picture, seeing beyond my rather insignificant life here and getting a feel for life in a broader sense. Maybe it's one of my legacies from being raised as a third culture kid.
Something to think about anyway!

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Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying reading your blog entries. It has helped me know you better. And made me realize I am not alone in some of my ways of thinking about certain things. You have made me feel normal for the 1st time in years. Normal for doing the things I do, or wanting to sit alone or read. I don't think of myself as a quiet person, mostly because I think my thoughts instead of making a lot of them verbal. So to me, I talk all the time. I would rather sit and read a book, watch t.v., cook or bake alone, or do emails, surf the net or even work outside in the garden alone, than most other things my family wants me to do. I love my family, and really enjoy their company but I also enjoy my time which I rarely get because someone seems to constantly be around me.
Thank you Marit for the peek inside of your mind. I certainly have found it an honor. And I mean that. HAPPY WRITING MY DEAR FRIEND!

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