A rather funny subject to chose right now, considering none of us are close to our birthdays at the moment! But I thought I'd share one of our family traditions. It's actually a tradition that goes back to my roots.
Birthdays always include waking up early, being sung to falsely, and presents and "breakfast" in bed. It doesn't matter if it's a school day, or weekend or whatever, we take the time to do this. Somehow a birthday does not feel quite complete without it.
I'll never forget my 18th birthday in Turkey when my parents showed up with weird hats on their heads, singing (we have raised false singing to an art form!). I have a picture of them in my album, too bad it's not digital or I'd post it! The pictures we take are definately not beauty shots, as you can see. All of us with our tousled heads and sleepy eyes make for some real life drama sometimes. But I thought I'd share anyways.

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