Music has brought a smile to my face a couple of times today.
Yesterday my brother in law was here. He's making collections of music per year on his computer and has now landed in 1982. His talking about that reminded me of a radio program I sometimes listen to called "The Tacky Hour" in which everybody can write in with their top 10 of favorite tacky songs. I love that hour! I hear all kinds of golden oldies come by and get that "remember when" feeling. I had been wondering what kinds of songs I would come up with and talking to my brother in law encouraged me to start a list.
What fun that is! Out come all the good memories which make me smile. Here's my list up to now:

- Lady in Red, Chris de Burgh
- When I'm feeling blue, Phil Collins
- Say you, say me, Lionel Richie
- The song from Top Gun (can't remember the name, but you know what I mean!)
- Sailing, Rod Stewart
- Alone, ....... some kind of rock band?
- House for Sale, Margiet Eshuis
- Love on the Rocks, Neil Diamond
- Mother Earth, Within Temptation
- Take on Me, AHA
- Played-a-live, Safri Duo

These eclectic varied songs all have some kind of special memory attached, or a special gut feeling. I'm looking forward to discovering what other songs I will put on my list, and maybe I will then ask aforementioned brother in law to make me a CD.
Think of the fun I'll have from listening to that!

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André said...

Alone would be by Heart. Duh!

Anonymous said...

Love you blog , Marit:)

Take my breath away by Berlin?


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