Washing clothes

I've just been teaching Tristan how to wash some of his clothes. He has another game tomorrow and his soccer uniform was still crumpled up in the laundry bag. Plus he has to wash his bandanas regularly, seeing as he sweats so much. And I don't want to be the one stuck doing all the laundry in the house!
This reminds me of the fact that I learned absolutely nothing about doing laundry when I was growing up. We had a nice maid who did it all, when we were in "civilized" countries my mom did it for me and when in boarding school I only had to hand it in and get it back fresh and clean. When I first started living on my own I washed three loads of pink laundry before I realized I had to separate my colors. My roommates were not amused! I can remember one of them coming in and saying that she would do her own laundry from now on, she was clearly angry with me. I used tons of the stuff you need to get things to turn white again.
Now I practically have a laundry obsession. I separate colors into reds, blacks, blues/greens, lights, black/white combinations (somebody tell me, how are you supposed to wash a black and white striped shirt???) and whatever else has my fancy. I hang up laundry in a specific way. When somebody else has hung it up I always have to walk by and rearrange whatever they've done. Nobody else can do it quite like me! When did I ever become so housewifely? Really, if anybody had ever told me I would get so obsessive about this I would have laughed myself sick (old roommates can probably testify to this).
I guess the motto is that people really can change!

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Leigh Russell said...

Glad to hear you're training Tristan to do his own washing. Good job. I've managed to post the cover design for my book on my blog and would love to know what you think of it.

Leigh Russell said...

Hi Marit, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my book cover. I would be so excited if one of my books appeared on the shelves in a library in Holland!! Thank you again for your support. Keep in touch.

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