I love reading with a passion. If I'm honest, it's practically an obsession. During my depression I read books as if my life depended on it. In some aspects it may have. When I read I could escape from the life I was in and I felt ok for a while. As soon as I put my book down the world came crashing in with a vengeance. I read everywhere, anytime. And I mean everywhere! I've been known to read while riding a bike (the path was straight though, why should that be so weird??), and while baking pancakes (in the time it takes a pancake to turn brown, you can read about half a page ;-) So books are a form of escapism that I turn to when I feel a bit down, but they are also a form of reward because reading a good book is an immense pleasure. And that to me is an understatement!
In september I finally started keeping a list of books I've read. It turns out I read 23 books that month, including re-reading the whole Anne of Green Gables series (how I love those!). My husband claims I read diagonally instead of horizontally. It is a great blessing to be able to read fast, that's for sure.
I'm kind of bummed about my taste in books though. I would love to claim that I've read Jane Austen, and Dostojevsky and Shakespeare, or that I've read the Bible from cover to cover 20 times. But even though my taste in books is as varied as my taste in music, I usually go for a kind of quick fix. Nothing to hard or difficult for me unless I need to study it or really impress someone (and why should I bother with that?).
More about books another time, for now I need to run downstairs and get myself to work and my sonny boy to school.

(on vacation on a rainy day. Tristan with his PSP, Marinda watching TV, father in law with the newspaper, and me with a book)

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Leigh Russell said...

I've started writing fiction and it's as addictive as reading! I've started a blog about my writing but haven't got very far (with the blog). The writing's going well though. Do you read crime fiction?

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