Friends, old and new

Today, on impulse, I biked by my old neighbor. Not that she's old (though she's older than I am), but she's a neighbor from our last house. She's actually the key person who got me out of my depression and into life. Through her I got my first job after Marinda's birth, which was the start of a life which was filled with routine and different forms of fulfilment, instead of depression and lack of structure.
My neighbor was at home and we had a good time catching up. Since our move almost 6 years ago we don't see each other often. But when we do we get right down to basics and don't talk about the weather! I find it special to share my life with somebody who has known me for thirteen years, has seen all the ups and downs, and can still show so much appreciation for who I am, and who we have become as a family. Friends like her are special. The kinds of friends you know you will stay in touch with even if you move. And the kinds of friends who you can not talk to for half a year and then still have a good time with when you see them again.
Our upcoming move makes me more aware of the friendships that we have here. Most of them are rather superficial. People I meet in church, have a chat with, but don't really get close to. Some mothers I've talked to when I've been around school, neighbors I greet. Somehow this house has always felt like an imbetween place and I've never really invested in long time relationships. Perhaps that's something I'll focus more on in our new home.
Thankfully we also have a number of friends that don't depend on regular contact. When we get together there is time for sharing and good company. We won't be leaving those behind!

(unfortunately I can't post pictures right now! Otherwise I'd post a charming picture of my neighbors feet..... I really don't know why somebody bothered to photograph them, and I figure this blog is as good a place as any to post it!)

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Leigh Russell said...

Interesting to read about someone else's life! Sounds very pleasant. I spend most of my time, when I'm not working, writing crime thrillers. Do you read crime fiction at all?

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