It's autumn vacation here, so the kids have a week off school. I was looking forward to some peace and quiet but it's not quite working out that way! Though maybe tomorrow will bring a little rest with it. Meanwhile it's 11.20 p.m. and my eyes are blurred with sleep and burning with tiredness. Lord knows why I'm even bothering to write!
We just had another house hunt on the internet. We didn't get any of the rental houses we applied for (it works with a point system and we had enough points to make it to 12th place on the list... not a very hopeful number). So now we're back to looking into buying again! I sincerely hope that this merry go round we're on will come to a stop soon.
Tristan is now at my parents in law, Marinda has just come back from there. Tonight Marinda and I hung on the couch watching medical mysteries while eating loads of popcorn. Our ultimate way of relaxing.
Now I must get my butt to bed, after leaving you behind with nothing of any interest at all to read. Alas, sometimes my life is just a plain old bore! Hopefully tomorrow will bring some more creativity and joy.

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Lise said...

Hey dear, just noticed that my blog for wednesday is also noted as tired, how original can I get. I am so tired I didnt realize I was copying you!!:)

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