Being silly

This is a perfect example of how my brother makes us all laugh. He got together with the kids and with not much more than plastic cups and plates, inspired them to these magnificent works of art ;-) He always makes us laugh! He was here today and we had a good time acting silly. Which for me means singing falsely and loudly, dancing weirdly and really goofing off. A nice break from all the stress I've been feeling!
Marinda labelled his and my humor the other day as being silly humor. Which is pretty much what it is. We don't tell a lot of jokes, or have intelligent witty conversation, but there's pretty much always somebody ready to burst into ridiculous song or dance. It's a side of me that does not show up at all with my inlaws, somehow it's reserved for my sisters and brothers, or me with the kids. Good to have some place where the goofy side of me can come out of the closet!

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Joy-Desta said...

Wow! How I would have loved to be there for the Brandsma fun!!
I miss it out here especially Renzo´s goofiness! How does he do it!? Great picture!

Leigh Russell said...

Yes, it's amazing how differently we can behave around different people. It's good to know some people who give you the freedom to be silly! Life's far too serious most of the time, often unnecessarily so. I haven't heard from you for a while - you're welcome to call by my blog some time. Keep in touch.

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