Bandanas for Tristan

A couple of days ago we went online and ordered a number of bandanas for Tristan. His baldness is getting worse every day. I was vacuuming today and was again shocked at how much hair was lying on the floor of his room. Ordering bandanas was another step in accepting the fact that he is going bald. There were a lot of options, and we let him chose (almost) as many as he wanted :-)
Today he wore one of his bandanas with a baseball cap on top. Also a very cool look! He's now experimenting with going out in public with his bandanas on. I sincerely hope he gets a lot of positive reactions. The better people react, the easier it will be for him of course.
I'm glad he's adjusting so well and thankful that we have had the time to do so. Some kids go bald within a couple of days, I think that might even be harder to cope with. Isn't he great though?

4 reacties:

André said...

Staat je goed Tris!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tristan, Cool Joe, Justin wil straks je na doen..... heb je een bandana over?

Joy-Desta said...

Tris, ik vindt het helemaal geweldig, staat zo wijs en stoer!
Je hebt een mooie kop! Ik ben trots op je!

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin,
Your looking great, een echte knappe gozer (-:

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