Sometimes when I get discouraged at work I have an experience that lifts my spirits. Today it was a talk that I had with my intern. She had to write a paper for college, explaining what her goals were and how she meant to achieve them in the time that she's working with us. Since she's been around I've had a hard time with her. The thing is, I can't get a grip on her. She seems bored, but doesn't say she is, she sound arrogant sometimes, insecure at others. I get no feeling for what type of person she is. And that always bothers the heck out of me. I'd much prefer it when somebody has a strong personality, then at least I know how to adjust to them. With her, I just don't know where she's at, and consequentially, don't know where I'm at. I hate the feeling of helplessness it gives me. I know, I know, I have to deal with it! Not avoid it!
We had an appointment today, so I had already decided to grab the bull by the horns and see if I could raise this issue and at least talk about it. She handed me her paper beforehand to read and there were some things she wrote that helped me direct the conversation to how she comes across to me. It's such a relief to talk about it! And to get the impression that I was getting through to her. I love conversations when I get the feeling that I may actually be saying something meaningful (or perhaps even wise?). This was one of those conversations. Always makes me feel like I've actually done something, maybe made somebody think, or at least made myself think or act beyond my usual boundaries. I usually like the coordinating part of my job, in contrast to the more personal contacts that I sometimes need to have. But today was one of those one on ones that reminds me that it can really be worth the while to invest in a relationship. Hopefully this talk will help me to look at my intern differently and give her a chance to show more of who she really is.

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