To buy or not to buy

Today we found out that we can actually get a mortgage! That was quite a revelation to me, I always assumed we didn't earn enough money for that. And we've also been perfectly happy renting houses up till now. It's definately a mortgage for the small of purse. We can only afford a very small, tightly budgeted house, with large payments on it, so we may have to rent after all. But it's very satisfying to know that owning something is actually within range. We don't even own a car, so you can maybe imagine this being a big deal!
We spent all evening on the internet looking at houses close to where Hermans new job is. We discovered huge price differences depending on location. Living in the town where Herman grew up seems impossible. The prices are way up there. Living in a village close to there is an option, but it's just so small! So now we're looking at a big larger town a bit farther away that seems to have more possibilities. Added to the fact that it's close by a lake, and I love water!
All in all it's an exciting proces we're in. At dinner there were big discussions with the kids about what they want. It kind of brings us all together. After all, when we first move, we'll be the best friends that we have in the neighborhood!

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