Today at work

I'm sitting at my work, which is located in the town hall. Right now there's a bride and groom getting ready for their wedding. They're standing in the hall, taking pictures, getting ready for the grand entrance which is right next to my office.

Yesterday there was the noise of the market, out here in the town square. I spent the morning listening to the hucksters hawking their wares, yelling about their lovely potatoes, onions and apples. Or flowers, cheese and bread. It gives such a homey feel to my job :-)

I took one glimpse at the wedding guests and immediately knew what church they were from. All the woman wore skirts and dresses in shades of white, black or grey. All the older ladies wore black hats. And considering that this was a small family wedding, there were just a few too many mentally retarded people to make me feel entirely comfortable.

Inteelt is what we call it here. Inbreeding is the right word in english I guess. That's what happens when one isn't permitted to marry outside of the church, and the church keeps getting smaller and smaller.

Sad, really.

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Mrs Yoastie said...

I think it is sad when people feel they can't marry outside their community. And that's not even considering the shrinking gene pool.

Lise said...

So I was ready for a journey down memory lane, (your very own wedding) and your blog ends up on inteelt!!

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