It used to be that saturdays were spent standing in the cold next to the soccer field watching Tristan play. Now our saturdays are spent looking at cars :-).

We saw a great one today, above our budget, but very delicious! It led to Herman using all his bargaining skills to see if he could get some more off the price. And finally we left, undecided, to reevaluate our financial situation. Keeping in the back of our mind our wish to renovate our kitchen (with my aunts kitchen), fix up our garden, go on vacation this year, and maybe, just maybe, have me be able to go to my high school reunion. Oh dear, that is asking a lot! I don't even want to think about it anymore until tomorrow.

Last night we went out to eat at Big Mama's Steak House with friends. Where, on the lovely menu, we were offered Missisipi crabs, Vegetarianan dishes, Forbiden fruits, Salats, and various other delicacies. Despite the spelling mistakes, we ate well, enjoyed the company, and loved the change of pace. We came to the discovery that the last time we went "out" it was on my birthday and that was only for pizza!

I came home this afternoon and considered house cleaning. Something that I have been "forced" to do in the weekends, due to a rather busy schedule. But instead I permitted myself a break and sat and read without a guilty conscience. Only pity was that the book was hardly worth it. Just a tad too sappy for me. But it was nice to catch a break!

Now I will go watch a movie with Tristan and make him a movie tray. Somehow a movie is not complete without an array of snacks to accompany it. Marinda is out with a friend and will go to the movies on the big screen. Which means I will stay up till she's back home. Hopefully this time it won't be neccesary for me to bike through the pouring rain in the middle of the night to pick her up from the train station!

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