Last night I was ruminating on whether or not to chuck this blog completely and just ignore facebook for a while. Because it seems I have nothing to say.

Thoughts aplenty in this tired head of mine, but nothing seems to be coming out that is worth really putting down into words. Guess I'm kind of tied up in the business of work and the trials and tribulations of life in general.

Over the last year or so, a lot of what I have written has come from looking at my life through "strangers eyes", wondering what someone who is not me would make of things. Looking at life that way has offered new perspective and made even the most mundane things seem bloggable. But lately I only seem to be able to look through my own eyes, making life seem terribly dull and definately not worth writing about.

This morning however, I did receive an encouraging word through facebook and it gave me a wee boost. So I walked through the market this morning realizing that that is really quite unique and picturesque and possibly bloggable! There was a nice tang in the air, and the market was not busy yet. I went to the bread stall and got some loaves of fresh bread to put into the freezer back home. All the bread, cookies and cakes spread out made a pretty site. Even the raw fish laid out on slabs of ice has it's appeal at 8.30 in the morning (not much appeal, but a little!).

I'm hoping my tired head will cease to pound and room for creativity will come back. Because really, blogging has been a very rewarding experience, one that I have really enjoyed and want to keep enjoying!

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Anonymous said...

AND where are the pictures of stated market!? ;D

I am reading, and have an email to you in drafts that I just have not gotten back to. Taking a break from most things internet for most of Lent though. I love reading a few choice blogs, yours being one for sure. I am glad I found it, and you.

elizabeth in Gelderland

Dori said...

No, you aren't allowed to quit--either of them! What would I do without my almost daily dose of notifications in Dutch that YOU had left a comment?! I throughly enjoy your picture posts, your random bits of your so-called mundane life--all of it. Even if I don't get over here to comment ALL the time--my two nanoseconds of alone time on the computer don't always allow me the luxury of commenting. :(But I'm here. And I like it here.

A Touch of Dutch said...

Ditto to the last 2 sentences in the first comment above, & ditto to nearly all of what is written in the second comment above! I try to take time each week to finally go through my favorite blogs & your's is one of my absolute favorites :-)

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