I have one little sick chickabie here in the house. Marinda has mono/kissing disease/pfeiffer (whatever name you choose to give it). For now it means she has a major throat infection and a high fever, poor girl. She feels utterly miserable. She was at my parents in laws house this weekend, bless them, but is now home again. So I get to mother her and try to get her to eat and drink a little so that she'll get better. I'm kind of counting on this taking a couple of weeks, and I'm really hoping that she won't have too hard a time catching up at school when she gets back! It would be a real pain if she flunked this year because of it starting off so badly. The dutch school system divides the year into 4 blocks with different classes in each block. So if she's sick through one of those blocks then she'll have a very hard time catching up.
Meanwhile Tristan is off at camp with the 7th and 8th grade classes of his school. I keep wondering how he's doing. He's never been much of a camp kid, contrary to Marinda who has gone from a very early age. Tristan has spent numerous nights at my parents in laws, but never anywhere else. I hope he's having a good time! It's only for 2 nights, but it feels strange not to have him around. Tomorrow he'll be back and I'll get to hear all his stories. Though, knowing him, he'll probably answer in monosyllables and get bothered with me for asking him so many questions. Oh the joys of motherhood!
Now I'll just head back on down and see if I can get Marinda to eat some chicken soup. That seems to be the american remedy for sickness. That and jello, if I remember right. Did you know that every culture has their own types of food that they advise when you're feeling sick? It's fun to see all the differences. My dad used to make lammetjespap (lambs porridge), which is basically a smooth soft porridge made from flour, milk and a little bit of sugar. It always worked for us!

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