Tristan is my soccer hero. I've just come back from the soccer fields with him. He made a good goal and made me a proud mother!
I actually don't like soccer much but have grown to like it just from having to hang around the soccer field with Tristan. Because of his hemofilia we go to all the games. Last year I even hung around at every soccer practice. Turned me into a real soccer mom. But there's nothing like bit of pride to turn you into a enthousiastic fan!!
Today the whole subject of his alopecia came up again. Next week we'll be going to a special day for kids with alopecia. He's slowly getting used to the idea. We'll check out the wigs, scarves, bandanas and makeup that they have to cover up bald patches and see if we can find something really hip for him to wear.
Tristan is a real boy. He delights in making obnoxious noises, something which regularly reduces me to helpless laughter. He loves soccer, and is either playing that or hanging out behind the computer. (with only one computer in the house this can regularly lead to loud arguments about whose turn it is!). No more gentle cuddles from him. He grabs me around the waist and practically strangles me. And he's almost as tall as his sister, and she's 5 years older!
But he's a great kid, and great fun to have around.

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