Marinda is my fifteen year old gorgeous daughter, as you can see from the picture. She is a treasure and a trial at times. Very very independent, smart, fun and wise. We get along well, something that I'm very grateful for considering the bad start that we had together. I was depressed for two years after she was born, and wasn't much of a mother. But nowadays we have movie nights and slather ourselves in lotions and potions while watching something soppy (though we both like CSI as well!). And she manages to tell me how to run my life and sometimes will listen to my advice to her.
I see some of myself in her, and others tell me she has the same mannerisms that I have, but there's a lot in her that keeps me surprised and on my toes. She's great with kids, for example, something that I have not yet managed to be!
And I'm continuously amazed at how gorgeous she is. Anything she does makes her look good! Was I ever like that?!?

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