A couple of weeks ago I was at home feeling exhausted. Sometime in that week somebody asked me what kind of things I enjoyed doing. I couldn't give a decent answer at that point. A while later I realized that something that has always helped me has been to write things down. The last two years I've written lists of resolutions (or goals or dreams) to keep me awake and keep me aimed. If I don't look at those resolutions often enough I find I get so caught up in the daily routine of living that I forget to really live. So, remembering that, I decided to buy myself a brand new notebook, the cutest I could find, AND a new pen (never mind the fact that I have about 100 pens lying around the house) and start up a new list. That notebook, with all the things I've jotted down inside, has really helped me rediscover the things that give me energy. And the last two weeks have been spent putting some of my resolutions into practice.
Ever since the tv series Lost has been shown on dutch tv I've been wanting to follow it. But due to bad timing (and kids and husband wanting to watch other things) I've never managed. Now I just watch in from the internet! Simple, but very effective and fun. If I hadn't written it down I wouldn't have done it...

Yesterday on my way to work, I walked by the market. Usually I walk by with a feeling of regret because I supposedly don't have the time to have a look (I really like markets!). Now I took those couple of minutes and even bought some flowering plants for my office. So that little decision will give me weeks of pleasure because of my office looking more cheerful. I find a lot of the joy of life is in the little stuff. Mind you, I also have a number of BIG resolutions. Like visiting the States, going to visit my sister in Uganda, wearing a ball gown, going skiing, becoming a color consultant (I love the thought of taking an insecure person and brightening them up by using the right colors), and driving a really really fast car (or driving in Germany where there is NO speed limit on the highways!). Such fun to think of these things coming true!

And to my great pleasure a number of last years resolutions have been resolved! We're going to Ethiopia this Christmas for a family reunion and I have managed to lose 15 kilos. YEAH!!!

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Joy-Desta said...

Deary Marit, Wow I didn´t realize how special it is to read into someone elses pespective of their own life. It is quite a privilege and I enjoyed your blog very much. I find writing a blog brings things in perspective too. Better then mass mails. Thanx Marit. I love you and know that I am very proud of you! Your little sis,
P.S Yesterday I made cinnamon rolls, they always make me think of you!

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