A day in the life

I work on monday, tuesday and thursday. Herman leaves the house at 7.30 because he starts work at 8. If I'm feeling fit and sane I get up at around 7 and first wake up Marinda, who has to catch the train at 8. She had a terrible habit of getting out of bed at the last possible minute which left me running after her telling her to eat her breakfast, brush her teeth, pack her bag and hurry to catch her train. It drove me mad! She's doing better now with that, but getting out of bed in the morning is definately not her favorite thing to do. Tristan has picked up on her habit and now has to be pushed out of bed at 8, which really is too much on the late side. This morning was a good example of that. Besides him not getting out of bed quickly, we also had an argument about what he should wear. He prefers jogging clothes whereas I would much rather see him in a pair of jeans. I won the argument today......
Tristan and I leave the house around the same time, 8:25. He bikes about two minutes to school, and I bike to work in about half an hour. If it isn't raining that is. If it is I take the train which takes me approximately the same amount of time. But standing up in a fully loaded train is not my favorite thing to do. I work until 5.30 and then come home to Herman cooking supper in the kitchen. That works out pretty good!
On the days I don't work I try to leave the house early and go to the gym. This works at least once a week and always makes me feel better about myself. The rest of the day is spent doing housework, reading, blogging, grocery shopping, cooking, visiting, or whatever else grabs my fancy. I love those days. I have the house to myself and can do my own thing. Even though I can be quite sociable, I have also discovered I really need my OWN time, no kids, no husband, no friends, just me, myself and I.
Writing it down like this makes it sound pretty basically boring. Don't even know why I bothered! Except that maybe when I read this a couple of years from now it'll help me remember the details of our ordinary little life and make me smile to remember them.

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