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No pictures today, just a little peek into my day. Wednesdays are my day off. Usually I go to the gym in an attempt to keep fit and keep my weight down. But I woke up so tired I decided to give myself a break. I know though, that that is not very smart because I probably would have felt a lot better after giving myself a good workout! But all in all it's been a good morning. Marinda had to go the doctor and afterwards I treated us to a cup of coffee in the shopping center here. And then we ended up going into shops and buying stuff. Got myself a nice winter jacket! I usually hate shopping so it's great to run into something kind of by accident. Tristan will be coming home from school soon, wednesdays are always half days for elementary school kids. I'll feed him and then he'll probably go out to play soccer. Meanwhile I have a ton of housework to do. Definately not one of the joys of my life! Herman and I share household tasks pretty equally because he works parttime as well. He cooks most days of the week for example. Tonight is my turn and seeing as he's not here and my kids can be picky eaters, I'll probably make something real easy.
All these details are fascinating, I'm sure, so now I'll just stop going on and on and start getting on with hanging up my laundry, dusting and vacuuming.

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Renzo said...

Hi Marit!
Thanks for staring up your blog and letting me get your view on your life in Holland.
Your a special, wonderful person with a heart of gold (-:
Your bro,

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