Today is sunday so I thought I'd write about church. The last 13 years we have been members of a church in Utrecht called De Schuilplaats (The Shelter), a small evangelical group of about 70 people. And a shelter is just exactly what the church has been to us. When we first came our relationship was in shambles. Lots of dedicated pastoral care has helped us come where we now are. But now we both feel that it may be time to move on and spread our wings a bit more. We've done practically everything that can be done in the church varying from being church group leaders, organizing church weekends, lunches, brunches and dinners, doing sunday school, hanging up the decorations, welcoming people at the door, leading the Alpha course, doing the sound, making coffee and so forth and so on. Doing all those things has kept Herman and I committed. It's much easier to go to church when you have a task to do or an obligation to be there!
Over the last year I have been putting aside a number of my tasks and I have found that to be really refreshing. It also makes me think about the real essence of what churchgoing is about, and why I go to church at all. On the one hand not going to church every week makes it easy to just not think about God at all and to "go with the secular flow", on the other hand there is the challenge to go beyond habit and find out what my relationship with God is really about. Sometime later I may try to put that part of my life into words.

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