Herman is my husband of fifteen years. Those fifteen years have been anything but easy, we have had an immense amount of differences and difficulties to overcome. And yet I am proud to say that we are still together and have grown closer despite all the trouble. Not without a little (lot) of help from church and professionals though. If there's one thing that we've learned, is that it's a good thing to ask for help!
I fell in love with Herman because of his beautiful brown eyes and the sparkle in them, and because of the fact that he was an exciting experienced "older" man. Growing up in Africa left me out of touch with the age group of over twenties!
I love him a lot for his patience and utter loyalty to me and our kids. He's a great supporter and always willing to change, even though the change may be slow in coming. Someone once compared us to a steamship and a sailboat. I'm the sailboat; with a puff of wind I'm off coasting along feeling free and blythe. Herman is the steamship: steady and dependable and not easily turned off course. When we take the time to look at our differences and see them as qualities we make a real good team!

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