I never realized how fun this could be! I've just spent half an hour rejecting all kinds of pictures that I want to place on the blog, only to come to the conclusion that I will have to make a supremely flattering one! And I spent all day yesterday thinking about the kinds of things I would write on this blog.
I've decided on writing around themes. So each day I will pick one aspect of my life and go into a bit of detail about it. And, if I think it's worth the while, I will also chat about little daily happenings that, to me, are worth mentioning. It's really give me something to look forward to! Somehow gives me the feeling that I can really share something about my life. I don't know where that need comes from. Maybe it's just inherent to being human.
It's late now, so I'll keep this short. Tomorrow I'll really get a start, and probably add a picture or two. I get cheerful just at the thought of it.

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