Today Marinda asked us to play a game with her. A good sign! It means she's getting a bit better.
We have a history of playing games, usually during vacations. And when the kids were small we used to play games together as well. Marinda was really good at Scrabble at an early age and Tristan loved the money in Monopoly. We play cards with Tristan when bringing him to bed.

Part of Marinda's being sick is her reversal to childhood. That includes listening to Sesame Street cassette tapes (huh, what are those??), watching Annie (the Sound of Music should be coming up soon as well) and now playing games. It's fun though, because some good family memories are centered around playing games. One summer Herman and Marinda were fierce scrabble competitors, staying up til midnight to finish the game and fanatically counting points. Last vacation the kids, Herman, and his parents were playing a dutch game appropriately called "People, don't get annoyed!". It was hilarious to hear them laughing and joking. Here's a picture of them:

The other day we tried playing Trivial Pursuit. That was a big disaster, seeing as the game was from the year 1995 or something like that. We just didn't know a single answer!
I'm actually a poor sport at a lot of games. If any real insight is needed I'm totally lost and I get grouchy as well because I can't win. How sad is that! But I love the family feel of playing a game together, it makes me like everything is in it's place and all is right with the world.

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Joy-Desta said...

Hey Marit Didi, glad to hear that Marinda is getting better! I empathise with your game mentality as I have none of my own either!
Thinking of you guys,

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