Well, we are in for some major changes! Herman heard yesterday that he's the man for his dream job which means we will be moving sometime in december. Wow!
It's a big change, pretty much all aspects of our life will become different. Different house, different schools for the kids, different church and so forth and so on. We're looking forward to it though. It's about time Herman found a job in which he can really show what kind of a person he is! He'll be working in maintenance but will have the added challenge of coaching people who need support in getting their life back on the rails.
Our kids have mixed feelings about the changes. Especially Tristan, he's not looking forward to it. Tristan likes stability, a certain amount of sameness in his life. This change is quite major for him. What we have to take into consideration real well is his growing baldness and his hemofilia. The school he is at now has fully accepted these things and there's no teasing or uneasiness or anything. A new school means informing new teachers and kids and you can't tell beforehand how they will react.
Marinda is still really sick with her Pfeiffer. She's looking forward to the change though, but she's always in for something different. She has made up her mind already about where she wants to go to school. We have to see how that works out seeing as we don't know where we're going to live yet!
As for me.... I'm excited, nervous, worried and trying to let go and let God. I'm the planner in the family and have already made lists of the things we need to do and what things to pack first and we only heard this news yesterday! I will have to find a new job as well. I don't really mind that, but the whole idea of hardly knowing anything at this point makes me kind of nervous. And knowing we're leaving makes me look at our house, home, work and family rituals with fresh eyes and helps me appreciate what we have.
I sincerely hope that what we get will measure up!

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