Today I thought I'd write about my family, that is, the family I grew up with!

(my mom and dad in nepal a couple of years ago)

My mom and dad are working in Ethiopia right now, back "home" I guess. You can view their lives on their website I see my parents at least once a year. Can't imagine what life would be like without e-mail and Skype. That way we can at least keep in touch!

(all of us kids, with our kids!)

Lise lives here in Holland. She's the great mother of two kids, Justin and Alina. We rediscovered eachother a couple of years ago after she had major surgery and I was able to help her a bit. Also that fact that we both have kids and can share our experiences binds us together. I'm jealous of her natural gift for motherhood. I tend to make a mess of mothering unfortunately. Thank goodness kids are forgiving!

(Lise and Alina)

Renzo is my amazing brother. You can see what he's up to on his site I strongly suggest you take a look at it! He's an artist. Besides making great art, he's also somebody who always manages to cheer me up. Worth his weight in gold!

(this is a picture Renzo and Chris at my birthday this year)

Joy doesn't have an english site, but really should because she has some amazing stories to tell. She has been doing a lot of travelling and working in countries like Liberia and Ethiopia for MSF. She just moved to Uganda with Chris. When people see us I hear we look alike. Judge for yourself! Joy is my style icon.

(Joy-Desta and I)

Of course there is so much more to say about my family than these short notes. I love them all and I'm glad that the way we grew up has given us a special bond, despite our differences. I love shocking people by suddenly speaking english when I get a phone call from one of them. When I'm with my brother and sisters I always feel I can really be myself, my dutch self and my international self. All the pieces of me fit into place and I feel a more fun and complete person because of it. Thanks you all!

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