Some pictures of our home and garden. We live in Houten, which is a small city perhaps, or a big village. I guess that depends on what you compare it too! When we first moved here 5 years ago I always felt I was on vacation when I arrived home or looked out the window when eating breakfast. Even biking to work has its joys when you pass tiny canals with swans, little bridges and some meadows with cows and sheep in them and a farm or two. All squished up together in small proportions as usual in Holland! Our former house was in the middle of the city, with two bedrooms, so this house felt like a little paradise when we first got in. After 5 years you get used to anything, so now we are of course aching for a change. Hopefully sometime in the next two week I will be able to report that we will be moving closer to Hermans family home. That all depends on if he gets his dream job or not. Then we will be in for a lot of changes, including a new house. I wonder where we'll end up !

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