Our trip to Ethiopia will be the first out of Europe experience for us as a family. We go on a short holiday almost every year but the farthest we've been as a family has been to Germany! When Marinda was two we went to Greece with her, and when she was 8 she and I went to Nepal to visit my parents. So for Tristan this coming vacation will be the first time for him to fly.
We've had some great vacations here though. The idea has been to visit a new province of Holland every year. That's one way of getting to know my native country! And Holland can be quite varied in all its smallness.
My absolute favorite vacations have been to Texel, one of the islands here. I love the sense of space you have on the island, and the fact that you are just a bike ride away from the beach. Just wonderful! Add some great friends and then you have an ideal mix.

For some reason, I can't put words underneath the pictures, so here's the explanations:
1. view of Texel from a boat
2. this years vacation in Belgium with my parents in law
3. Tristan really LOVING his icecream!
4. A day on the beach
5. The best friends ever to go on vacation with

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André said...

I'm so jealous of your oppurtunity to show Herman and the kids your roots!! Enjoy it to the end!
Thanks for the wonderfull compliment! :)

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