Something that I've been having a hard time with lately has been Tristans alopecia. To put it bluntly, my little boy is going bald. Writing that down makes it sink in even more. He's gotten some bad genes from his parents unfortunately. I have given him hemofilia, which means his blood doesn't clot well, and Herman has passed on the alopecia that his dad has. The weird thing is that hemofilia is a much more serious illness. The alopecia only affects his hair growth. But it's just so darn VISIBLE! Which, in some ways, makes it more of a handicap that hemofilia is. This summer has been hard. The bald patches are growing and are becoming more and more difficult to cover up. He has a hard time trying to cope. It's hard to see my son suffer and have nothing at all that I can say or do to console him. He's a wonderful kid, and I'm so glad he's able to verbalize what's going on in his head, but regularly I wish I could grab a hold of God and force him to do some major healing quickly.

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