Cleaning House

I rediscovered today how much I hate housework. New rule in my life, limit myself to two hours of housework at most during a day!! Really, there's nothing quite as frustrating as endlessly vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner which is falling apart, dusting a house which will only get dusty again with an hour or two, washing dishes which pile up again behind your back, or cleaning up a room which will only get messed up again within a discouragingly short period of time.
Two hours I can handle, anything more and I start getting seriously grouchy, whiny (whiney, winey??... the mood, not the drink!!) and full of selfpity.
In my worst periods, during my depression, I couldn't do dishes for more than about two minutes. Doing dishes just automatically turned my mind to the miseries of life and I would end up feeling even more depressed than I already was. Or, out of pure frustration, I would break the dishes instead of washing them :-(
Thank goodness things aren't as bad anymore. But a limit to household chores sounds like a good idea to me. A way to remain sane and in a good mood. Why put myself into misery over some dust or a dirty toilet?

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Anonymous said...

Amen Sister! I completely agree!!! And you gave me such a laugh. Your reasoning makes such sense. I am right there with you, two hours.

Deb B. --Colorado

*oh btw, that was me that posted yesterday too. Sorry I forgot to sign it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marit didi, it is so funnny how we are completely opposite regarding house cleaning. The dishes calms me and puts thoughts into perspective. I can get such a sense of satisfaction over a good cleaning.As specially scrubbing the tub and toilets!
Anyway that might change as soon as I have to do it all by myself and with kids around.
I hope the house feels more like your own and you are getting settled?
Love you and miss your smile!

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