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I don't know if the "pimping" principle is known to everybody. It seems to have blown over from MTV from the States and has even been incorporated into the dutch language. When I use it I only mean making something look better. Weird how something that has such a bad sexual connotation can become so normal in everyday language. Maybe I should protest the term instead of using it?
Anyway, as you can see, I decided to change the blog a wee little bit. I do stuff like that with regularity. Though I now realize I limit myself to small things. I'm not the kind of person who drags around furniture to change the way the living room looks. I do regularly change my hairstyle. I've had it really really short, dramatically asymmetrical, long in layers, long one length, and the shapes between long and short. I have had no glasses, very bland glasses, dramatic black glasses. I've weighed a lot and I've weighed less and adjusted my clothing style. I've had several different jobs, changed sports a number of times, want to go on vacation somewhere different every year and so forth and so on. When things get to be too much of routine I go a little crazy. So a little bit of "pimping" can be a real lifesaver then! (and getting yourself painted by your children will do the trick too......)

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Anonymous said...

I think this is just your keen ploy to get me to learn to read Dutch. ha! Everytime I click I am just praying I clicked the right one. It's not Pimpin', it's just confusing your American readers. *wink

Deb B. -Colorado

Big Mama said...

That is YOU under the paint? So you must have short hair at this stage, huh? And I totally understand the use of the word 'pimping' in this connotation.

Elise said...

It's me allright! But a number of years ago. My hair is still long and flowing (ha!) at this stage.

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