3 days in Holland

I've been here for all of three days I think, yep... three days! I have to remind myself because we've done so much in those three days that it feels like three weeks. We arrived in Holland and went to our chaos of a house, slept and then packed vans full of all of our stuff and brought it to our new house. And now we're here and everything has more or less started up.
Herman is at work, the kids are going to school and I'm trying to handle laundry, unpacking boxes and finding my way around here. Actually, one of the first things I did was get a library card and come to the pleasant discovery that they actually do have a number of shelves of english books here. I know it doesn't sound very important, but with my love of books it was a pleasant surprise.
It's hard to believe I left Ethiopia crying only a few days ago. At the airport I started leaking tears all over again. I was glad to let it out though and I feel ok here. I think we will adjust quite well. At least the kids seem to be doing ok up until now, and that is always a big source of peace. Funny thing about being a parent, when your kids are doing ok, then you feel better too!
I'm so glad that we have internet installed, it's a lifeline to the world. And we have a fantastic sound system, thanks to the gift of a family member. It's much more fun to unpack, do dishes and cook while listening to 80's hits on a dolby surround system!
Today I'm heading back to our old house to show the new people around. I hope they will be willing to buy our curtains and floors and kitchen appliances, that way we won't have to remove everything and it will save us a lot of time and hassle. I will use my best sales pitch.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Marit Didi!
Big hello from Uganda.
Great blogs and I´ve been thinking of you guys a lot.
Thanks also for you compliment on my blog, feel free to post it as well!
Enjoy your new books at the library and I´m looking forward to seeing your new place and having a bakkie together.
Big hug,
Renzo bhaai

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