Looking through my box of memories last night, I ran into the following entry in a diary I had to keep when I was 9. I will copy it here, including all the errors.

January 4, 1980

Dear Diary,

Today I will tell you about the most fun things that happend during these two weeks. On Christmas night we had a guest. We ate sweet-bread an raisen-bread for supper. For desert we ate strawberries-with-cream. Later I begged and begged to open our presents. My mom said okay. I got about seven presents with lots of candy. Later I read my book called Treasure in the fog. I went to bed a little later then 9:00. On wednesday it was my brothers birthday. On tuesday my brother had fallen into a box and had hurt his wrists. On Wednesday we found out that they were broken. I went to the hospital with my brother for his cast. His birthday party was no fun. That night we had guests for supper. Then at 12:00 we had to give eachother kisses but insted of kissing my sister I bit her. We went to bed at 12:30. One night (I don't rembrer what date) my Mom, Dad, my sister and I went to eat at koceb. Later we went to seey hiyenas. We saw one. On Tuesday we went to Awasa. We stayed in a little house. We swam in a little pool and had loads of boring fun.

Your friend,


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Anonymous said...

Let me guess, I was the sister you bit!! And lets have some boring fun sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey, and I know guess I'm the brother with the broken arms! What memories. So fun to read (-:

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