For any of you who were surprised to see an unintelligible e-mail posted on my blog.... it was my mother, accidentally using my blog adres to send me a mail! I was quite surprised, but decided to remove it anyway.
I'm feeling totally shattered after spending 3 and a half hours getting to and from work. I'm so glad that there's only a couple more days I have to do that! I know it may seem like nothing to many of you living in the big United States, but to me it seems an inordinate amount of time to spend in a train or on a bike or even in a car for that matter. My nice pleasurable half hour bike ride has disappeared. Maybe it wil reappear when I finally find that new job that I'm looking for.
It was nice to be at work though. Like I said to some colleagues; it's practically the only familiar place to me at this moment! Everthing else has changed, but work is comfortably the same.
Though all the changes are working out ok. We've had family over every day we've been here!! And I've already got a first date with an old friend who will be coming over for a visit. Got back in touch with her with the dutch version of facebook, and she lives close by, so that might be fun.
And another friend of mine is coming over saturday with her adopted ethiopian son. They are really looking forward to seeing our pictures (as am I!). By "coincidence" I passed through the place where there son was born while I was in Ethiopia so I took a lot of pictures for them.
Enough rambling for now. I will post a picture from ethiopia each day until I get tired of it. If anybody wants to know why a particular picture is posted, just ask!

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Anonymous said...

I continue to enjoy reading your blog. It's good to know your doing well. And seem to be adapting to your new life. Traveling 3 1/2 hrs to go to work sounds aweful! I would just hate it. I'm glad though that this chapter of your life is also about to come to an end. I pray you find the perfect job your looking for. And that it will be something you will be happy doing, & feel the satisfaction you have been seeking for so long. Send me you mailing address okay!
And keep posting pictures! I LOVE THEM!

Hug's to you & your family,
~Debbie --Colorado

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