More memories

During my rummage through my box of memories I didn't only find my diary, but I found some lose pictures as well. What to think of a picture of my classmates from 3rd grade? I will scan it and post it on facebook to show to those classmates who can also be found on there. Looking through my box brought the hugest grin to my face. I stood there in my uncomfortable attic, next to the dryer which isn't working yet, hunched over this box in the most unhandy way, but I couldn't have cared less. It was great to feel the past re-live, also in the context of just having been back to Ethiopia. Makes things that much more real. I even found an entry in one of the diaries about an old boyfriend of mine and why we had broken up. Funny thing is that we saw eachother for a short while in Ethiopia and I could hardly remember anything about him. Reading the entry brought some of the memories back. And to my astonishment, I discovered that my memory had failed me in some details! I guess time distorts memories more than I'd like to think it does. And writing things down really does help to remind you! I hope this blog will have the same function for me a couple of years from now.

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