The first rumors of Tristan having cancer have hit the town here. Funny how that happens so quickly and spreads so easily! I accidentally heard it through my neighbor, who I had over for coffee for the first time, who heard it from her son, who heard it from a soccer player on Tristans team (or so the story goes). Amazing, the conclusions people jump to! I can imagine the questions, especially with the baldness, but it would be a lot nicer if somebody just came and asked instead of assuming the worst. Hopefully we will nip that rumor in the bud before it starts spreading even further. As you can see, I've got a handsome boy who's glowing with health and sunshine!
His adjustment here is going really well so far. He's played a lot of soccer outside with his new friends, and went over to play at somebodies house today. No confrontations about his bandana or anything like that. It's a load off my mind, and off his as well. I know he was worried about it, even during our trip to Ethiopia.
All in all we're not doing too badly here. I had my first social integration at a church ladies morning this morning. Met some new people and heard some encouraging words. I hope to meet lots more nice people though. Sometimes I can get real envious of Herman, and all the new contacts that he's getting at work. And I have some moments of worry if I will adjust and if I will find a job to my liking. But that could just be the tiredness talking. Speaking of which, I will get to bed now and see what I can do about that!

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