This will be post number 100. I figure I should make it memorable, but I'm not sure how!
One thing is for sure though, I am really enjoying this, and it really does help put my life into perspective. Which is one of the reasons I started it. Sometimes I get the feeling that I must be really boring. After all, who wants to read about my life, and some of the humdrum details that fill it? Yet I have found that it has helped some people understand me better, has given a lot of family members a broader peek into my life, and it has given me a real boost to finally do something that has been on my list for so long! And I'm also happy to note that my husband reads this and enjoys the way I write :-)
One reader gave me his "two cents worth" and told me I should stop taking myself so seriously and just enjoy life more. Not a bad piece of advice I think. But also a challenge in itself. After all, how does one enjoy life more? I have found that sometimes writing down the unenjoyable things has helped me to enjoy the fun things more. By writing about the disagreeable things I can move beyond them, hopefully on to more enjoyment. On the other hand, focussing on the good in life also gives a natural boost and helps create more enjoyment!
There has also been a big change between the young me, who used to butterfly her way through life, and the person I am now, who has been formed by some of lifes rather nasty circumstances. I sincerely hope that some of my cheerful spirit and normally outgoing nature will reassert itself in the coming time. On the other hand, I also want to stay true to myself. So if I'm having a particularly nasty day and feel like shit, I will write about it!
Please keep the feedback coming though. I love it when people take the time to write a reaction. It's very encouraging! Here's to the next 100 posts, and a lot more pleasure in life!!

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Anonymous said...

Cheer's to the next 100 posts!!!! ;)

Deb B. --Colorado

Dori B said...

I just realized that I'm learning the days of the week in Dutch due to reading your blog! See...great things come of you recording your "humdrum" life for the masses!

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