This week I have been extremely aware of, and very annoyed by the amount of dependence that I have on Herman concerning the "masculine" issue of getting our house fixed up. I am a reasonably intelligent woman, I can paint a room, but I have no natural (or learned) ability for doing odd jobs around the house. That is Hermans department. And unfortunately there's a lot that needs to be done and not enough time to do it. So I walk around the house, washing dishes and hanging up laundry, fervently wishing that I could get that hammer and saw and whatever other tools that are needed to put down a laminate floor, put up shelves in the closet, put together some closets, place a shower and so forth and so on. Mind you, I'm not blaming him for anything, it's just so darned frustrating not to be able to do it myself! Makes me feel like a real wuss and it makes me feel like a walking cliche of an old-fashioned woman who is incapable of existing without a man. And it's doubly frustrating because at this point I have time on my hands and Herman is really busy with his new job. AARRGHHHH! I have an underlying annoyance as well (as if this isn't enough). It irritates me that all that is left to do in the house are things that I don't even like doing..... the housework. And even more irritating, they are all things that leave no lasting impression. Clothes get dirty and need to be washed, in contrast to putting down a floor, which will stay put down and give a lot of satisfaction. I feel like it's pretty unfair that I don't get a lot of that satisfaction!
Now I have to stop whinging, otherwise I'll just get myself more and more annoyed just thinking about it :-)

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