I just read a post from a fellow blogger who has also just moved and read with envy how she is receiving invites for dinner from people. So then I decided to write a post about the aweful dutch culture, how cold it is, how no neighbors have come by to say Hi, there have been no invites for dinners and how miserable and sucky it is here. BUT then I had another think. Because all the things I have mentioned are absolutely true but there's also another side to the story. The last 2 weeks Hermans brother has driven us to soccer matches, saving us a bike ride through the rain. He has also done shopping with me, saving me another bike ride through the rain. My parents in law have watched the kids on numerous occasions and have also cooked for us. My sister in law watched the kids. My other brother in law cooked us a great meal and helped us figure out our new sound system. We have borrowed my father in laws car so often that I'm feeling awefully guilty. A lady I met once took the effort to come by the next day and give me some welcoming roses. She also invited me to her pottery class, which I will now be attending regularly. Tristans soccer coach really made a big effort to inform the kids correctly about Tristans hemofilia and alopecia which means he is accepted and there are no strange questions asked. Another woman I just met gave me her phone number just in case I wanted to ask her daughter to invite mine to the youth group. So maybe people here are not as forthcoming as I'd like them to be, but I really have no reason to complain. If I make the effort to smile and be friendly, then that is returned to me. So shame on me for feeling envious. I should be counting my blessings!!

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Big Mama said...

LOL! You do have a few blessings there! :)
Actually our big weekend of visits and meals just about tipped me over the brink of sanity, as we were travlling all over the place.
I am a homebody really, and I certainly am re-energized by spending time on my own. Not alot of that this weekend, but we have been grateful for generosity from our new church family.
Our actual neighbours keep to themselves absolutely. I will have to try to introduce myself, but the last time I tried the young girl would not come to the door, though I could hear her kids inside. Interesting.....
I take it you have moved close to your family. That sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, maybe I should envy you! I think Americans are so cold when it comes to welcoming new neighbors. I had one neighbor lady, weeks after we moved in, come over because she was curious whether we bought the place or we were renting, and wanting to know what my husband did for a living, and why my kid's are home all the time (we homeschool). Then she proceeded to talk non-stop for over an hour. While I stood there doing the pee-pee dance because she didn't seem to understand that though I am a homemaker, I DO have things I need to do..like potty! ha!
Another neighbor came over a week or so after her (they are friends). She actually asked me to come to her (in the road) and let me know her son was a registered sexual preditor and I needed to keep a close eye on my daughter at all times. OH WONDERFUL!
So your invite to pottery classes, roses from the neighbor, and having such caring in-laws....Marit my dear...COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!
Hug's & MUCH love,
Deb B. --Colorado

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