Almost got a new job today, but I still have to await the final verdict. I had to wait so long for a phone call, that I was sure that I didn't get the job. But it turns out they couldn't make a choice betweeen me and the other candidate. And there were other circumstances playing a role as well. On the one hand it's nerveracking, on the other hand it's a great relief to know that they see my potential and want me there. I should know more by the end of the week and will definately let people know!
Part of me is relieved that I get a couple more days off, for the silly reason that I just checked out season 2 of Lost from the library and I am looking forward to some lazy time watching that. The other part of me just wants to get out of the house and to work. I need work as a place to feel appreciated and feel that I'm using my talents. Being at home makes me feel like a guiltridden useless underappreciated person. That should sound familiar as I do keep going on and on about how much I like being at home :-)
Ah, well.... tomorrow I'll do my best to balance housework, Lost, and attention for my husband and kids, and try to make it as fulfilling a day as possible!

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