Coming Week

Another week is coming up when I will be at home, jobless. Although I do have a second job interview on tuesday, so things are looking up for the weeks after! If I do get this job then I hope to start immediatly. And my main motivation is not even the finances, but the fact that I need the structure in order to stay sane. I wish I had the discipline to create my own rhythm, but I desperately need other strutures to keep me up and at them!
One of the things I really need to do is go to the gym. I have gained about 12 pounds since my lowest weight last summer, and it's bothering me. Not bothering me enough to change my eating habits though, even if I have made some vain attempts. Getting some energy from going to the gym should be of help. Getting that bike ride in the other day was a start anyway! I saw some people rollerblading yesterday and it reminded me that that's something I like to do as well. I will check out the roads here to see if that's an option. There's no use in rollerblading over cobblestones, which is what a lot of the roads here are made of. I've tried it before and I thought my eyes would shake out of my head. Not an experience to be repeated!
Today we will be biking to church since it's another gloriously sunny day. I will take my camera this time and hopefully take some picturesque shots to show here. Yesterday we were in a village close by which needs to be framed and mounted, it's that cute! And the funny thing is that it's a village I lived in when I was about 2 years old. My sister was born there (the only one in the family to be born in Holland!). I will get our old adres from my parents and see where our old house is. So Herman and I do have some roots in common, in a very small slight way!
Now I will stop rambling and start labelling my old messages, making it easier for everybody to see what I've written about in the past (as I'm sure you're all really curious :-))

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