I went to boarding school in Kenya for two years. Two great years, I might add! Today I discovered a video on youtube about that school, RVA. Made me get all sentimental. I showed my daughter. She was inclined to want to go there as well. Didn't surprise me, she'd probably do great! It's always strange to realize how differently I grew up compared to my kids, and it regularly gives me a jolt to see how life is so different now.
Watch the video and maybe see what I mean. Some of you will recognize this, others definately won't, but the video represents an important formative part of my life!


(I'm afraid you're going to have to cut and paste because I can't seem to figure out how to get a link in here! Tomorrow I'll ask Marinda to give me a hand.)

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André said...

looks great!and so related to UHS but then different and broader again.
A wet dream voor Dave Pollock and Ruth van Reken hey?

Big Mama said...

Wow. Those guys seem to really be taking advantage of their experience there! I don't know that I did.
It sure made me a little homesick.

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